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Our names are Kris and Stacey. We are intuitive empaths, psychic mediums, and soul coaches. Although we began working together as reading specialists providing professional development for school districts, we soon learned there was much more to our connection. Recognizing the exponential synergy created when we combine our different gifts we choose to work together which allows our guests to enjoy a well-rounded experience.

Our ability to communicate with spirit guides and passed souls often brings comfort and closure, while our empathic intuition knows just how to help heal the soul or give it the nudge it needs. Of course, being teachers at heart, we offer classes to help others develop their spiritual gifts, as well as healing school traumas.

Additionally, We have discovered the magick of Sigils and want to work with you to create powerful intentions that we then embody in your own personal sigil. Before releasing the sigil to you, we will activate the intention under the appropriate moon in order to help manifest the intentions of your best self.

Whether you are looking to connect with past loved ones, are searching for guidance with life decisions, or want to initiate changes in your life, we can help. Please join us for one of our special events or schedule your own personal or group session. We look forward to working with you.

In Love and Light,

Stacey and Kris

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