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Our names are Kris and Stacey. We are both intuitive empaths and Reading Specialists. Although we began working together providing professional development for school districts, we soon learned there was much more to our connection.

Together, we have recognized the exponential synergy created when we read together. We enjoy readings supported with oracle cards, but often the messages from spirit-guides and past loved ones are just begging to be heard and always offer the most authentic messages. Additionally, We have discovered the magick of Sigils and want to work with you to create powerful intentions before inviting you to participate in an activation ceremony that will help manifest the intentions of your best self.

Whether you are looking to connect with past loved ones, are searching for guidance with life decisions, or want to initiate changes in your life, we can help. Please join us for one of our monthly events or schedule your own personal or group session. We look forward to working with you.

In Love and Light,
Stacey and Kris

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