Enchanted Reading Specialists

Kris Rangel and Stacey Boehm


Our names are Kris and Stacey. We have the unique ability to "read souls,"  and communicate with spirit. When we met in 2016 the synergy of our spiritual gifts led us to develop a healing business. Our journey has taken us from spiritual readings to reiki masters.  We have merged our consciousness and life experiences into a soul-coaching service that transforms lives.  Soul coaching involves guided introspection for growth and healing. It’s magical life coaching!

As reiki masters and intuitive healers, we work collaboratively to empower clients through a journey of self-healing.  By coaching intentional decision-making, we help transform your human experience into consciousness. Consciousness creates meaning and fulfillment in your own life to make the world a better place.

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Enchanted Reading Specialists~ 

Coaching consciousness one soul at a time.

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