Conversations from the Conscious Couch

Join us as we discuss a variety of topics from our own experiences as mediums, to topics we are often asked about. Laugh with us as we discuss the work of spirit, raising consciousness and how life in this dimension can sometimes be complicated, but together we can learn, heal, grow, and laugh our way to a deeper understanding of our purpose here and now. 

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mixed messages: how to get a good reading.mp4

Mixed Messages: How to get a good reading

perceived trauma.mp4

Perceived Traumas

unaccompanied company.mp4

Unaccompanied Company

Signs: Do you hear what I hear, .mp4

Do you hear what I hear?

Weekly Card Readings

September- Week 2

sept wk 2.mp4

September- Week 3

sept wk 3.mp4

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Radio guests:

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