Personal Sessions

Enchanted Package:

To make positive changes in our lives we must be intentional, come from love and light, and release those intentions to the universe. During this session we will help you realize the root of the intention then frame it safely in love and light. We will then create a personalized sigil which will be activated in a casting circle according to the appropriate moon cycle. A certificate including a drawing of your personalized sigil will be sent upon completion of the ceremony.

Personal Sigil:

Sigils are powerful representations of your intention and can be activated during a casting circle provided in the Enchanted package.

Many wish to carry the sigil with them as a reminder of the life changes they wish to embrace. For this reason, we offer palm stones and paintings personalized with your sigil. We are also able to customize some of your personal items. Contact us for options or ideas.


Personal session are meant for one person, but you may invite one guest. While we usually connect directly with spirit, we are able to divine information from oracle cards, runes, or the use of a pendulum at your request. Sessions are personal, but may include one guest. Note that if you bring a guest, spirit may come forward for anyone in the room.

For larger group ideas please refer to the group page.

All sessions need to be paid at the time of booking and are non-refundable unless canceled by the Enchanted Reading Specialists.