Personal Sessions

Spirit Guided Messages:  

We connect directly with your spirit guides and coach you on messages about your soul's purpose for the highest good and your best life.  These sessions can offer insight on career paths, relationships, and any perceived traumas that may need healing from this life or previous lives.

Simple questions  can be asked through email. Follow rules laid out in the "Book Now" section.


Reiki means universal life energy that flows in and around our bodies. Blocks in this energy can cause dis-ease in the body.  We are certified reiki practitioners and can help ease your body, mind and spirit. These reiki sessions help clear energetic blocks to restore balance and flow. 

Packages available

Mediumship Readings:

We directly channel spirit to provide messages from those who have crossed.  We have psychic abilities that enhance the messages coming from spirit. Your loved ones provide the messages you need to hear.

Note:  Personal sessions are meant for one person, but you may invite a guest.

Soul Coaching:

For those of you wishing for personalized guidance on your consciousness journey, we offer coaching sessions. Facing your shadows, healing self, and transforming your life. This is a 6-12month commitment.


For those hoping to grow their gifts. We will mentor you on how to tap into your gifts and grow your confidence in receiving messages from spirit.

For larger group ideas please refer to the group page.

All sessions need to be paid at the time of booking and are non-refundable unless canceled by the Enchanted Reading Specialists.