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Calendar of Events

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Divas Reading Divas

These are gallery events where we will connect with spirit and give several lucky participants messages from their loved ones, spirit guides and surrounding angels. Messages are always contained within Love and Light, but you never know what spirit (or we) might say. Every night is different, usually comical and heartwarming, but always full of life-affirming messages. Note: Attendance is limited and although we try to give as many messages as possible, you are not guaranteed a reading.


Monthly workshops where we will help you embrace your intuition and connection with spirit. See our calendar for the focus of each workshop.

Psychic Fairs

See where we will be appearing by following the calendar. Hoping you will join us for a personal reading and to experience the many other vendors.

Casting Circles

These activation ceremonies are included in our Enchanted Package and will follow the moon phases. The new moon phase is for releasing and the full moon phase is for intentions. Join us for the appropriate casting circle to activate your personalized Sigil. See our calendar for these monthly events.